Smart strategies for tranzision in coal intensive regions

The EU has set itself a long-term goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95% compared to 1990 levels by 2050.


Coal is currently mined in 41 regions across 12 EU countries, making it the most abundant fossil fuel in the EU and a significant source of economic activity. Transition towards a low carbon economy implies significant technological, economic and social challenges, in particular for coal-intensive regions that have to prepare for the reduction or phasing- out of coal, both due to market-driven trends and environmental policies.

TRACER supports nine coal-intensive regions around Europe to design (or re-design) their Research and Innovation (R&I) strategies in order to facilitate their transition towards a sustainable energy system.



Project activities focus on nine European regions with a long history in coal mining and use of coal as fuel for power generation.

    • Southeast Region (BG34), Bulgaria
    • North West Bohemia (CZ04),
    • Czech Republic Lusatia Region, Brandenburg (DE40) and Dresden (DED2), Germany
    • West Macedonia (EL53), Greece
    • Upper Silesia (PL22), Poland
    • West Region / Jiu Valley (RO42), Romania
    • Kolubara Region, Serbia
    • Donetsk Region, Ukraine
    • Wales (UKL1, UKL2), United Kingdom